Work & Study: TOP Dozen Of Well-Paid Professions In Canada

If you are planning to get higher education in Canada, you should ask yourself about the future specialty that is in high demand. The main thing is choosing good specialty that brings income. There are many factors in the country that make one or another profession to bring income. According to this, the wage rate is different for different categories in the labour market.

Canada is highly developed country with progressive economy, high life level and occupational level. The index of occupational level is growing rapidly. According to the latest information, the number of employed citizens increased in 176 000 (+1%) comparing with the last year. Thus, such good indexes attract more and more people to get higher education in Canada every year.

Work & Study TOP Dozen Of Well-Paid Professions In CanadaHow to Choose Future Profession in Canada?

To choose right specialization, you should consider a couple of factors: demand for your future profession, salary level, your preferences about one or another profession. Of course, what kind of profession you like or do not like is your business. Speaking about demand and salary level, it is time to learn fresh analytic data base. Thus, popular Canadian magazine Canadian Business gives the rate of Canada’s best jobs that includes the best well-paid jobs in Canada.

O, you have a unique chance to meet TOP perspective jobs that must be considered before you get into the university. What is more, you can also learn the list of educational establishments in Canada about these popular specialties. There are many competent services to help you to choose one of them. If you think that it is enough to hire a car in the airport of Montreal or Toronto or any other Canadian city and drive along the territory to find the best university, you are wrong. It’s just wasting your time. It is better to use something faster and more informative, like internet.

Nature Resources Mining Management

Average salary: $79 – 108 000 per year

This profession supposes taking senior position in sphere of mining management: mining industry, oil, gas, forestry, fishing. Managers of this sphere have a wide set of duties – ensure safe production, quality control and other points.

Universities: Thompson Rivers University, Vancouver Island University.

Social Services and Public Health Management

Average salary: $100 000 per year

This category includes specialists in the sphere of public health, education and in the sphere of social services. As a matter of fact, government plays the role of employer.

Universities: Vancouver Island University, University of Windsor, Conestoga College, Cape Breton University.

Work & Study TOP Dozen Of Well-Paid Professions In CanadaBusiness Sphere Management

Average salary: $97 000 per year

The most popular specialists in Canada hold leading position in business sphere: financial and executive supervisors of such business categories as IT, finances, telecommunication, machine building.

Universities: Centennial College, College of New Caledonia, George Brown College, Niagara College, Seneca College.


Average salary: $74 000 per year

This sphere shows the big growth and high demand. The profession of nurse supposes providing medical practice in the sphere of nursing care and medical attendance. Nursing in Canada needs bachelor degree to study for 4 years.

Universities: Thompson Rivers University, Niagara College, University of Windsor, Camosun College, Cape Breton University.


Average salary: $95 000 per year

One of the best TOP professions in Canada is pharmacist. If you compare the average salary of lawyers and miners, pharmacist’s salary is going to be more attractive. Speaking about the international students, they usually chose biotechnology. The main feature of this specialty is unique combination of science and economy.

Universities: Red River College, Centennial College.

Dental Hygienist

Average salary: $70 000 per year

Dentist is rather popular profession in the USA and Canada. This fact makes this specialty attractive for students. It is not only lucrative profession, but in a high demand in the most of Canadian provinces.

Universities: Confederation College.

Computer Technologies and Programming

Average salary: $85 – 94 000 per year

The employers of this sphere are private and govern companies. The job supposes working for developing IT projects, integration, applications and other technologies.

Universities: Conestoga College, Niagara College, Seneca College, Humber College.

Work & Study TOP Dozen Of Well-Paid Professions In CanadaHR Management

Average salary: $83 000 per year

What does the modern HR manager do? Oh, this person is involved in personnel search and not only. He is also in charge for professional training courses, company events, forming corporative culture, work quality control and support. Thus, HR specialists are in high demand in Canada.

Universities: Thompson Rivers University, Vancouver Island University.

Engineering Technologies

Average salary: $72-79 000 per year

Engineering in Canada is important for all industrial spheres. Good engineer is predicted to push industrial development of one concrete enterprise or the whole country. So, this profession is also worth public attention and appraisal.

Universities: Columbia College, Conestoga College, George Brown College, University of Windsor.

Financial Administrative Sphere

Average salary: $83 000 per year

The role of financial manager varies, depending on the size of the company. Obviously, big companies are divided into separate sectors. Each of sectors is conducted by financial specialist. Each of managers is responsible for one sector to keep it in order: bookkeeping, financial planning, audit, risk-management and other points.

Universities: George Brown College, Humber College, College of New Caledonia.

Communal Infrastructure Operators

Average salary: $84 000 per year

The sphere of communal infrastructure needs good specialists with specific skills and knowledge. As a rule, they are technical specialists to provide monitoring and development of big industrial objects.

Universities: University of Windsor, Thompson Rivers University, Cape Breton University.

Aviation and Aviation Electronics

Average salary: $87 000 per year

This brunch of industry is still developing. So, the specialists are in high demand. According to this, the most attractive for students are air traffic control services.

Universities: Centennial College, Seneca College.

Work & Study TOP Dozen Of Well-Paid Professions In CanadaSo, are you ready with your specialty? It is time to choose the best university for your education. If you are foreigner, you may entrust your educational problem to a good agency that helps to enter the university of your dream. Good luck and keep your fin

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